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Ramon Gandia -- AL7X
P.O. Box 970
Nome, Alaska 99762
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March 3, 2014
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ham radio links
AL7X HF Part A: Tower
AL7X HF Part B: Rot Dipole
AL7X HF Part C: Hex Beam
AL7X HF Part D: HF Antenna Aiming
AL7X HF Part E: ICOM IC-7410 radio
AL7X HF Part F: AL7X goes digital!
AL7X HF Part G: Microphone and Key
RAM: Ragchew Amateur Magic
SPARC: Seward Peninsula ARC
SPARC and RAM at Newton
Chinese Ham Radios - Updated!
Programming the PX-777+
IRLP 101. IRLP demystified
RAM Nome 146.70 Repeater
RAM Teller 146.73 Repeater
Deploying the TKR-720
Mobile Antennas
Handheld Radio Tips
Ham Radio in Unalakleet

ATV Trips
Glacial Lake 7/10/99
Buster Creek 7/20/03
Banner Creek 7/26/03
Coffee Bridge 8/17/03
Bear Mountain 9/09/06
Donny's Oopsie 9/16/10
Osborn Ridge 10/09/11
Trail Maintenance 10/16/11
Short ATV Trips 2006
Short ATV Trips 2010
21 - Mile Trail 2012
Pajara by ATV! 2012

Misc Snow Trips
IronDog 2006 & 2007
All AK Sweepstakes 2008
Sledge Island 2009
Dorothy Falls 2009
Crater Creek 2011
With Janet 2011
Pajara Revisited 2011
Oro Grande 2011