Flambeau River - Sat 7/3/2016

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Lookout Ridge

Picture 5981 © 2016 Keith Andrews

The lookout ridge, about mile 3 of the trip (mile 0 at Dexter). Notice the machines on the extreme upper right corner of the picture.

On this trip: Keith Andrews, Derrick and Martina Leedy, Ramon Gandia and his Grandaughters Renee (14), Kierra (12) and Arianna (9)


Queen of all she Surveys

Picture 5977 © 2016 Keith Andrews

From the lookout ridge, Arianna gazes over her domain. She probably was the one that had the most fun on this trip.


Alaska Rock Ridge

Picture 5994 © 2016 Keith Andrews

Ridge Running for about a mile at the "Alaska Rock" hill, about mile 7 on the way to Flambeau. This route bypasses the deteriorated trail alongside New Eldorado Creek.

This is an unmarked route.



Picture 6019 © 2016 Keith Andrews

This is the cave entrace, about mile 9 on trail to Flambeau. We see spelunkers Derrick, Ramon, Arianna, Kierra, Renee and dog Sydney watching.


More Spelunking

Picture 6019 © 2016 Keith Andrews

Spelunker Arianna Scott, aged 9, with a big grin. The cave continues on the hole visible above her right shoulder. She climbed in, as did Renee, but it was too dark and twisty to take pictures.

Picture 6019 © 2016 Keith Andrews


Flambeau River arrival

Picture 6027 © 2016 Keith Andrews

Arriving at the Flambeau River. This is a beautiful place. There is a spot on the river that has a big rock, and the water swirls in there and gets warmed by the sun. Nice swimming even when the river is chilly.

Picture 6027 © 2016 Keith Andrews


Flambeau River Swim

Picture 6040 © 2016 Keith Andrews

Here is everyone that got wet. The German Shepherd Dog, Sydney nearly 8 years old, Arianna standing on the sandbar, and the two little faces on the chilly river, first Kierra with Renee trailing.


Grand Canyon of the Flambeau

Picture 6048 © 2016 Keith Andrews

The Grand Canyon of the Flambeau, about two miles below where we swam. Very difficult to get at on ATV, but by snowmachine you can get there in the winter. Your hair will stand up when you look into the canyon!



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