Grand Canyon of the Flambeau 4/28/2019

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Picture © 2019 Ramon Gandia

Three of the Four Riders
Sunday 4/28/19

Left to Right, Eric Smith, Keith Andrews, Clara Tootkaylook. Picture was taken early in the trip, looking up Buster Creek. Ramon was the cameraman, and does not show in the picture. That Eric never took his helmet off for any reason whatsoever.

The Grand Canyon of the Flambeau is aproximately 20 miles ENE of Nome. It is very picturesque. Snow conditions were perfect, firm and deep. No issues of any kind were experienced on the way out.

Halfway back clouds moved in, the sunshine went away, and it became flat-light travel. This is dangerous: You cannot see holes and cliffs and we had to proceed very slowly and carefully. But we made it to Nome without mishap.


Picture © 2019 Ramon Gandia

At the Grand Canyon
Sunday 4/28/19

Keith, Eric and Clara at the base of one of the rock cliffs at the Canyon. Ramon was the cameraman, and does not show in the picture.

Machines used: Keith on 2012 600ACE Tundra LT; Ramon and Eric on 2005 550 WT SUVs; Clara on 2007 Tundra 300 RF.   All machines Ski-Doo.



Narrative and Pictures Copyright © 2019,Ramon Gandia. All rights reserved.