Bear Mountain 9-9-2006
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As you cross the Nome River at Dexter, look north on the east side of the river. The big mountain there is 2,000 ft tall Bear Mountain. We tried to climb it. Tried.

Bear Mountain 1

Bear Mountain 2

Looking North from
Knife Ridge

Knife Ridge 1

Knife Ridge 2

Osborne Creek

Abandoned Mining Cabin

Remains of
Scraping Machine

This was a nice, short trip ... well, not exactly. We had complications. See, there was this willow patch at the base of Bear Mountain. Which we penetrated. And which turned out to be a real forest, and in which we were stuck and entwined in the Willows for an hour... and in which Kenny's cordless electric chain saw saved the day and we were able to back out of the forest and find a better way.

Riders were:

Kenny Shapiro,
George Shoemaker and
Ramon Gandia

Copyright © 2006 Ramon Gandia