Dogs and UPS


In the last several months my drivers have endured six dog attacks!

After consulting with my drivers and UPS, the policy now is:

  • We will NOT deliver to an address that has a dog tied outside or will otherwise be in reach of the UPS drivr when making a delivery.
  • If we see or hear a dog there; the driver will drive by and status the package "Not In" or "Attempted Delivery"
  • We will not reschedule a delivery, but wait to be contacted.
  • Many times we've been told "Its a small dog", or "Its a friendly dog that doesn't bite," etc. See the above.
  • In the past, we have not sought medical treatment because doing so would result in the police being notified, and likely the dog would be quarantined or put down. However, from now on, the afflicted driver WILL go to the E.R., and would likely result in police intervention and have you billed for the treatment and lost work days.

We maintain a public presence, General Delivery, Package Dropoff, and General Chatting at:

UPS Table, Polar Cafe, 205 W Front Street

A few holidays, or natural disasters excepted.

Nome UPS has been in operation since 12/8/1997

Ramon Gandia - Owner / Operator - Nome UPS
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