Anvil Temple, Reformed Druids of Gaia
Rev. Ramon Gandia, OMS, RDG, High Priest
Renee Gandia, RDG, Acolyte Priestess
Victoria Simpson, RDG, Acolyte Priestess

The Goddess, Gaia, has given us of the Bounty of the Earth. We rejoice in the beauty of the Tundra, the Willows that border the creeks, the fish in the rivers, the stars above and the gentle breezes of spring.

Join us in the Sharing of Waters with the gods above, below and all around us, giving thanks for for the privilege of living on this beautiful land.

Charge of the Goddess=

A Candle for Shunky=
Saying Grace=

Rites of Samhain
Blessings of Inbolc
Coming of Beltane

The Age of Aquarius
Alas, Alas Babylon!
The Summerlands

Farewell to Don Roberts
Who passed Nov 27, 2008
In Memory Of
Dave Wininger
Who passed Feb 18, 2011
Christine Kunnuk

The Pentagram Revealed
For those who do not know
Goodbye to Daisy Rock
Who passed May 11, 2015
in Samaria

Ode to Victoria
April 6, 2011
Rites for Kandie Allen
Who passed March 2, 2018
My Last Song=

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