Outgoing Packages and Labels


Drop off Location:

Polar Cafe Restaurant (just west of Post Office) Monday-Friday,
NOON hour only.
Or TEXT us for Pickup: 907-304-1053

Typical Outgoing Label

Your outgoing label should look similar to this.

  • Note 3 barcodes. Center one has the
    1Z......7839 UPS barcode
  • There is a tear-off receipt below "ECS"
  • Yours may only have two barcodes; no receipt
Outgoing Label


This does NOT work!

Bum Label

This type of thing, with the square code block, is something you take to a UPS store, and they print the label for you.

The nearest UPS Store is in Anchorage!

Read below on getting the right labels from Amazon. Be aware, you will need to cancel your return, and start over picking the right selection.


Getting a Label

We do not create labels. Typically you obtain your own. The vendor should be supplying you with one.

Amazon returns are or three types:

  1. Best. You PRINT your own.
       You need a Printer!
  2. Good. UPS Driver Brings Label.
        UPS Faxes us Label and we bring it.
        We do NOT generate it!
        Allow a few days for the FAX thing.
  3. BAD. Take Package to a UPS store.
       Nearest one is in Anchorage, AK

The important thing is that we do not generate or print the label. It must be sent to you, or to you through us.

No Label, No Pickup!   This is because if you do not have the label on it, and we were to get it, chances are it will go astray. Here in Nome, or in Anchorage. We not store boxes awaiting for labels.

NOTE: If you have no printer, I have been told that you can fake this. Bring the label up, select print, then print to a .pdf file. Then eMail me the pdf file. I can print that. I have never actually tried it, but couple people have. I can't make the file, but can print it if you get it to me. Here is a link to my email:

Click for my eMail

If you print your own label, and its an INKJET printer (ugh) be aware that inkjet ink runs in water. Think snow, fog, mist, and Giraffes sneezing on it. Although a LASER printer is best; covering up the label 100% with tape is advised for all labels.

Please, try not to put the label over a seam. The side that is UP is the side with the label, not necessarily the one with the seam.

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