Short trip up Banner Creek, 12 mi N of Nome, AK 7/26/2003

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©2003, Scott Webber
  Zack Ailak & his 250 Suzuki Quad Runner;
Jim Stimpfle and his Yamaha 660 Grizzly;
Ramon Gandia and his Honda 300 4x4
unload at Banner.

Not in picture is Photographer Scott Webber
with a borrowed Honda 250 2wd POS.

This picture series ©2003, Scott Webber.

©2003, Scott Webber
  Taking a break from trail grooming at the Banner overlook
©2003, Scott Webber
  This is the trail with willow in middle. Black hole is creek
©2003, Scott Webber
  Ramon perched on his wheeler, about to go down the creek
©2003, Scott Webber
  Looking north across Narrow Gauge railway bridge at Banner Creek
©2003, Scott Webber
  Stimpfle hangs on so Ramon does not overturn!
©2003, Scott Webber
©2003, Scott Webber
  Looking south across the Banner Creek SPRR bridge
©2003, Scott Webber
  Switch at the Banner Creek turntable.
That conical thing in the background is the
remnants of a 90 year old cabin.
©2003, Scott Webber-10
  The Banner Creek turntable. Pretty dilapidated after 90 years
Note: 2019: cannot find it. Overgrown.
©2003, Scott Webber
  Trestle coming downhill to Banner Creek. SPRR
©2003, Scott Webber
  Upstream view of the Banner Creek SPRR bridge
Note: 2019. This bridge has collapsed and is gone.
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